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Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner 2017 @ Eastin Hotel Penang

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2 more weeks to Chinese New Year 2017, have you decided where to go for family reunion dinner or Chinese New Year dinner? If you are too lazy to cook at home, Eastin Hotel Penang definitely is the answer of your problem! After 4 years of food review at Eastin Hotel Penang since 2013, I think it is safe to say that this year buffet dinner is the best!

Chinese New Year Buffet 2017

To be frank, buffet dinner can be quite boring as the dishes are almost the same across all different restaurants. But this year, Eastin Hotel Penang surprised me with their Emperors Twin Dome - Poon Choi (盆菜) and Yook Poon (肉盆)! Absolutely sumptuous! 

Yook Poon (肉盆)
Yook Poon (肉盆)

Poon Choi (盆菜)
Poon Choi (盆菜)

Yook Poon (肉盆) which means a big bowl full of assorted meats such as roasted chicken, steamed chicken, roasted lamb and so on. Meanwhile, Poon Choi (盆菜) was filled with all the luxurious, highly valued ingredients such as abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, scallop, dried oyster, mushroom and so on. Definitely worth the price you pay for the buffet dinner!  

Huat Ahh! Giant Yee Sang Table
Huat Ahh! Giant Yee Sang Table

Since 2017 is a year of rooster, Eastin Hotel Penang was thoughtful enough to decorate the Huat Ahh! Giant Yee Sang accordingly to the Chinese Zodiac that comes with a golden egg as well! Yee Sang comprises of delectable condiments and dressing such as tasteful pickled items, fresh salmon slices, crushed roasted peanuts with toasted sesame sees, flavored with 5-spice powder, accompanied with red salted ginger, Chinese plum sauce and added with crackers for an extra crispy texture.   

Eastin Lobster Wok
Eastin Lobster Wok

This year, Eastin Hotel Penang also added Eastin Lobster Wok into their scrumptious array of buffet dinner. The fiery red curry lobster smells so tempting that I could literally mouthwatering while "raining" on the outside just by looking at it. I can't agree more with Justin Chew, General Manager of Eastin Hotel Penang, that it would be perfect if there's Banggali Bread to go with the curry gravy.  

Salad Section
Salad Section

Japanese Corner
Japanese Corner

Seafood on Ice
Seafood on Ice

All the typical offerings such as salads, Japanese food and seafood on ice are all available at the buffet dinner. This time, Eastin Hotel Penang offers new item for Sashimi at Japanese corner such as the surf clams which I rarely see it at any buffet dinner. Even though I am a seafood lover, but I was too fascinated by the Poon Choi and Yook Poon that I didn't touch seafood on ice at all! 😁

Fatt Choi Scallop Meat Yee Foo Noodles
Fatt Choi Scallop Meat Yee Foo Noodles

Golden Fried Rice,  8 Treasure Duck, Salted Egg Prawn & Sea Moss Bamboo
Golden Fried Rice,  8 Treasure Duck, Salted Egg Prawn & Sea Moss Bamboo

Herbal Chicken with Wolfberry
Herbal Chicken with Wolfberry

Baked Whole Fish with Thai King Sauce
Baked Whole Fish with Thai King Sauce

Among all the main dishes available, we like the Fatt Choi Scallop Meat Yee Foo Noodle and Baked Whole Fish with Thai King Sauce the most! The Yee Foo Noodles was soaked with the rich gravy which contains all the sweetness from the scallop that makes it delicious. Meanwhile, the baked whole fish was well seasoned and texture of fish was just nice, moist and tasty. The Thai King Sauce was worth noting as it add some spiciness to the fish!

Chinese Emperor Seafood Chowder
Chinese Emperor Seafood Chowder

Seasonal Fruits
Seasonal Fruits

Dried Longan with Wolfberry Soup
Dried Longan with Wolfberry Soup

Glutinous Rice Ball
Glutinous Rice Ball

For dessert, Eastin Hotel Penang also specially prepare glutinous rice ball and dried longan with wolfberry soup to match with Chinese New Year festival. I love eating glutinous rice ball, too bad all the ones that I picked were all with black sesame filling while there was another peanut filling.

Assorted Chocolates
Assorted Chocolates

Assorted Pastries
Assorted Pastries

Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner 2017 Pricing
Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner 2017 Price

Overall, given the price at RM138 nett per person for Chinese New Year Eve and RM118 nett per person for Buffet Dinner on Chinese New Year are certainly worth the value especially with the Poon Choi and the Yook Poon both included! I surely like the idea of eating out during Chinese New Year where we do not have to spend time on cooking and even cleaning up!

Book NOW at 604 - 612 1128

Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang.
1, Solok Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.


Till then. ;)
Happy food hunting!

Friday, January 13, 2017

2017新年最夯伴手礼 - 夏威夷豆塔!

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2017新年最夯伴手礼!過年送礼送这个就对了!!是的,夏日工坊所推出的夏威夷豆塔(Macadamia Tart) 正是今年最夯的送礼佳品。这是 #IBlogMyWay 第一次写中文(为了配合华人新年的写作),如果小编我有写错的地方,请多多包涵!😆

夏威夷豆 (Macadamia) 的名字虽然有"夏威夷",不过原产地却是在澳洲的昆士兰省,所以它也被叫做昆士兰豆。在所有的食用坚果中,相比于其它的坚果类如开心果,杏仁,核桃,腰果等,夏威夷豆是最晚被发现,所以它也被称为坚果家族的后起之秀!夏威夷豆的高营养成分被评比为世上最好的实用坚果,所以更有了『坚果之王』之称!

感谢夏日工坊 (Summer Delice), 小编有机会品尝到采用夏威夷豆所做出来的夏威夷豆塔(Macadamia Tart)! 夏日工坊主打的夏威夷豆塔备有两种口味,名为枫糖夏威夷豆塔 (Maple Sugar Macadamia Tart) 及 香橙夏威夷豆塔 (Orange Macadamia Tart)。由于两种口味的夏威夷豆塔颜色相似,细心的店家利用不同颜色的包装与一目了然的称号来分辨。如果全部开裹后摆在一起,小编唯有靠敏锐的鼻子来闻!呵呵!😁

枫糖夏威夷豆塔 (Maple Sugar Macadamia Tart) 是属于原味,沾裹著枫糖的夏威夷豆,奢侈的堆放在酥脆的塔皮上!同样的,香橙夏威夷豆塔 (Orange Macadamia Tart) 只是多加了香橙的口味。对小编而言,夏日工坊夏威夷豆塔整个搭配很极致,夏威夷豆粒粒饱满,硬脆扎实的口感,搭配低甜香醇浓郁的枫糖,再加上独家特制的塔皮,丰富的口感一次满足。👍

包装 Mini Gift Box (6pcs) - RM23



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Monday, January 2, 2017

Recipes: No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

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Baking is not hard at all especially one that doesn't require you to bake at all. Best of all, you just need 6 ingredients only to make this No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake. This is definitely the fast and easy way to impress a girl, after all, nobody would say no to Oreo cookies and cheese, right?   

There are a lot of No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake Recipes out there, but basically all are using the same ratio which is 50-50 of cream cheese and whipped cream. Same like our previous Angel Hair Vongole Recipe, we made this because Tatura cream cheese was on promotion in Giant Hypermarket! We bought 500g at RM12 where normally costs RM16.

So here's the ingredients I used:
Serving for 16 pieces
Oreo Crust
20pcs - Oreo (finely crushed)
5 tbsp - Melted Butter

500g - Cream Cheese
250ml - Whipping Cream
200g - Powdered Sugar
1 Teaspoon - Vanilla Extract
10pcs - Oreo (coarsely chopped)

10 pcs - Oreo (finely crushed)

Easy to follow procedures:
Start with the Oreo Crust as the base for the No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake. Split the Oreo cookies and remove the vanilla cream. Crush them with food processor or with wooden dough roller until they become fine crumbs. 

Add in 5 tbsp of melted butter so that they are moistened. Mixed well so that all of them sticks together. This helps to create a solid crust at the bottom of the cheesecake. 

Place a parchment paper in the 9-inch pan and add in the mixture. Make sure they are firmly pack with a flat surface. Place them into the fridge to chill while preparing the filling for the No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

For the cheesecake, simply add in cream cheese and whipping cream to beat in a mixer. Then fold in powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Beat until they are very well combined and smooth. Lastly, add in the chopped Oreo cookies to the mixture to mix.

Take out the pan from the fridge and pour the cheesecake filling into the pan. Gently spread it on top of the Oreo crust until they form an even layer.  

Cover the surface of the cheesecake filling with the finely crushed Oreo topping. Gently press it down so that the topping will stick to the filling. By now, it should look pretty much like a No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake! 

Cover the pan and place it in the fridge for 4 hours. After that remove from the pan, slice and enjoy! 

As I used unequal amount of cream cheese to whipping cream (500g - 250ml), the No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake tends to be thicker, stickier and rich of cheese flavor. Thankfully, my Oreo cookies crust and topping was enough to balance it with some crunch in it as well. 

How to make it better?
As you can see from the photo, my coarsely chopped Oreo cookies could not be found in some part of the cheesecake filling. It could be better if I fold it into the mixer and let it mix evenly so that there's the Oreo cookies in every bite

That's all very easy right! Go try it yourself and let me know your experience too!
Happy baking! (Ops, No-Baking!) ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mellowcup Cafe @ Jalan Gottlieb, Penang

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I believe most of you would have heard of Mellowcup Cafe which is located along Jalan Gottlieb, Penang. A quick search in Google, you will get tonnes of blog reviews on this cozy little cafe situated opposite to Penang Chinese Girl High School. Baby and I paid a visit to Mellowcup Cafe last weekend after all the hype. Read on to find out their latest top seller!

We visited Mellowcup Cafe on a Saturday morning (11.30am) to avoid the crowds. We managed to get a free car park at the roadside of the housing area nearby. Otherwise, you may need to park along the roadside infront, which is usually full! Do remember to put up the parking coupon as the police there are quite hardworking! LOL

The shop lots at New Bob Center, which Mellowcup Cafe is located under, are quite narrow and long. So the tables and seating are quite limited, probably can fit around 30 pax. The cafe is neat and tidy, well decorated with coffee related information as well as some of their activities photos.   

The photo that caught my attention the most is Moses Chan, TVB famous actor. Yes, that's right, his own brand of coffee bean, Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea, is actually available here, the one and only in Malaysia! (Yes I know he used to open one in KL many years ago and now no more!) I used to be a big fan of his TV Show, Coffee Confidential (品味咖啡), so I should be trying out his brand of coffee too! 

We started with their Iced Drip Coffee which using Panama Don-K Kotowa coffee bean from Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea, all the way from Hong Kong. Mellowcup Cafe has done the iced drip process batch by batch and kept all in glass bottles. We get to try both fresh from the bottle and also after shaken one. 

Personally, I felt that the low acid-medium body Panama coffee has a sweet-subtle flavor and comes with a smooth finish especially after it is being shaken (that explains all the foam on top). It's cold and delicious, I could drink that all day long during the hot days! 

As we all know, now we are moving into the third wave of coffee where people would appreciate manual brewing like pour-over coffee and so on. Well, it reminds me of my old friend, Eugene, a coffee enthusiast who used to share with me on all this knowledge! 

We tried the full-immersion coffee which using Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute coffee bean from Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea. The ground coffee beans were soak with hot water in the Clever Dripper for two and a half minute. A countdown timer was placed on top to alarm us when it is done brewing.  

At first glance, one might mistaken this Clever Dripper as a pour-over dripper, but it is actually using a smart stop and release mechanism to keep ground coffee and water together until they are ready to be poured into a server or mug. So due to this dwell time, it is considered as a full-immersion brewer.

As you may see in the photo, Mellowcup Cafe actually grinds the coffee bean coarsely so that it could be brewed to perfection! Coffee filter (forgot to ask the size) was placed in the cone which makes it a combination of both pour-over and full-immersion brewer! The result was brilliant as it is clean, consistent and fully extracted!

Personally, I felt that it is darker and bitter as it goes thru full-immersion process which releases the acidity, but definitely a lot more aromatic

Then, we had latte and also the signature coffee - Tiramisu too. If you are not fancy of black coffee, they have many other options too. But personally for me, like the saying goes...

 "Once You Go Black, You Will Never Go Back!"

Don't get me wrong, the "black" as in black coffee! (想歪的都去罰站!) So yeah, they seems less interesting to me. 

After done with all the coffee, we had our lunch there as well. We tried Grilled Salmon with Japanese Hot Spring Egg which cost RM28.90. The price is on the high side relatively from the menu, but to be fair, the thick-cut salmon slab was quite a big portion together with the side dishes. The hot spring egg or a.k.a Onsen egg was done perfectly and certainly give extra moisture to the fish. However, I felt that the salmon was a bit dry especially at the thinner end. So I have to cut nicely together with the salmon skin so that with the fat beneath the salmon skin, it could makes it moist.

Then we had Seafood Tomyam Spaghetti at RM20.80 which comes with homemade Tomyam sauce, onion, cherry tomato, prawns and fish fingers. The spaghetti was appetizingly-sour and spicy, certainly a favorite for those girls that fancy sour and spicy food. 

Lastly, we had BBQ Chicken Skewer at RM17.80, finally something that I fancy! The chicken was tender and juicy (good choice in cuts of chicken), with extra flavor from BBQ sauce and some heat from the bell peppers. The mashed potato was delightful as well as it is smooth, fluffy and well seasoned! I am the one who finished all of it even the portion was quite big! 

As our lunch comes to an end, we had Chocolate Egg Yolk (RM13.90) for dessert. As usual, the egg yolk that oozes out gives the perfect visual and definitely camera-friendly! I am not a big fan of dessert, so I think the size is good enough for me to just end my meal with something sweet!

A very motivating quote which is very much needed for #YourFinanceDoctor - Henry Tan and all those who are working hard for a better future! Translation to English, it would goes something like this...

"Do Something Today that Your Future Self will Thank You For."

We managed to get a good talk with the lady boss which is probably just around my age (or even younger) before she start to busy with her customers. Basically, you can tell that she's very passionate in coffee, another coffee enthusiast that showcasing the wonder of coffee at large scale thru her shop and even her class! 

Through the conversation, I got to know that we actually shared the same value whereby we strike to add value to others. For this reason, I strongly believe that Mellowcup Cafe worth for a visit! Be it for the food, or the coffee, or even for Moses, go try it out and let me know how do you think! 

11-4-G New Bob Center
Jalan Gottlieb, Penang

Tel:  012-937 3213

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-11pm, 
Friday-Saturday: 10am-12am, 
Sunday 11am-10pm


Till then. ;)
Happy food hunting!
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