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Zi Zai Restaurant @ Paya Terubong, Penang

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What is the maximum dishes you had before? Probably 10? Well if you are looking to have a feast like the "Man Han Quan Xi (满汉全席)" or literally, Manchu Han Imperial Feast, where it was one of the grandest meals ever documented in Chinese cuisine, then head over to Zi Zai Restaurant at Paya Terubong Penang where we had our record-breaking 21 dishes dinner. Don't believe me? Read on!

Record Breaking 21 Dishes Dinner!

The last time we had our dinner at Zi Zai Restaurant was for the Gartien Crossover Partner and we had good dining experience especially the Poon Choi, Fried Chicken and Chung Ling Sambal Egg. This time around, we had the chance to savor on all 21 mesmerizing dishes which includes some of the new dishes as well. So, this is going to be a long post, you may not want to read with an empty stomach! 😂 

We started off with the Chicken with Sesame Oil éº»æ²¹é›ž (RM14) whereby it kick-starts our appetite with the fragrance of sesame oil. This is like the one dish that suitable for the pregnant lady since there are ginger and sesame oil which is beneficial with health promoting nutrients, such as calcium and iron. Then we had Ulala åŽŸå‘³æ‹‰æ‹‰ (RM13) which was being stir fried at its original best. 

For dish number 3 and 4, we had Dark Soy Pork 黑肉 (RM14) and Ah Ma Fried Chicken é˜¿å¬¤ç…Žé›ž (RM12). These dishes are those old school flavors of yester-year which were really appetizing to go with a big bowl of rice. Then we had Belachan Chicken 馬來煎雞 (RM12) as well which reminded me my mum's Belachan Chicken! 

The 6th dish we had was a new dish by the chef which is Mistake Pot 不對鍋 (Small RM68/Large RM98). It is similar to the famous Korean Budae Jjigae ( éŸ“式部隊鍋) where the dish often incorporates ingredients such as instant noodles, sliced American cheese, ground beef, sliced sausages, baked beans, onions, green onions and so on. But for Zi Zai Restaurant's Mistake Pot, it consists of big prawns, corns, kimchi, onions and topped with lots of gooey cheese. 

Then we had Chung Ling Sambal Egg 碎蛋 (Small RM6/Large RM10) and Steamed Pork with Salted Fish 鹹魚篜豬肉 (RM14). I believe any Chung Ling alumni like myself would love the Chung Ling Sambal Egg as it brings back the memory and I highly recommend that you should try it too!

For 9th and 10th dish we had Sambal Prawns 三拜蝦 (Small RM26/Medium RM40/Large RM50) and Yaomak Chinese Cheese 腐乳油麥 (RM12). Sambal Prawns was quite good as it isn't too spicy but yet very appetizing with a lot of onions. 

Then Assam Prawns 阿三蝦 (Small RM20/Medium RM40/Large RM50) and Signature Fish Fillet Claypot 魚肉豆腐 (Small RM26/Medium RM35/Large RM50). Again, Assam Prawn is exactly how the way my mum would cook at home. 

The 13th and 14th are Three Flavour Black Pomfret 三味黑鯧 (RM 40) and Assam Curry Fish 阿三魚 (RM60). The hot and sourish Assam Curry Fish consists of one big whole fish so it could be shared by a big table of people and of course a lot of rice!

Then we had Taogeh Salted Fish 鹹魚芽菜 (RM12) and Super Curry Chicken 超級咖哩雞 (RM20). Super Curry Chicken is another new dish that I find it interesting since there's cheese on top of the curry which makes it a fusion of western and eastern style of cooking. Cheese lover would certainly love this!

The 17th and 18th dishes we had were Kang Kong 馬來風光 (RM 12) and Sour Plum Chicken 酸梅雞 (RM14). We had quite a number of chicken with different cooking method, but I like this Sour Plum Chicken the most. Deep fried chicken cutlet were succulent and appetizing with the sour plum sauce. 

Then here comes the signature dish of Zi Zai Restaurant - Tukachor/Vinegar Pork 豬腳醋 (Small RM20/Medium RM35). Many people would come here for this especially those that miss their home cooking. 

Lastly, the 20th and 21th dish are Clams with Hot Bean Sauce 灘 (RM13) and Fish Fillet with Bean Sauce 豆醬魚片 (Small RM26/Medium RM35/Large RM50). 

Overall, the 21 dishes were shared across a big table with 13 pax. We managed to finish most of the dishes but once again, it is important to tell you not to waste any of the food, so make sure you are there with a lot of big eaters or probably invite yours truly to go with you! 😁

For your ease of ordering, here's the whole list of 21 dishes:
1. Mistake Pot 不對鍋 - (Small RM68/Large RM 98)
2. Three Flavour Black Pomfret 三味黑鯧 - (RM 40)
3. Kang Kong 馬來風光 - (RM 12)
4. Taogeh Salted Fish 鹹魚芽菜 - (RM12)
5. Yaomak Chinese Cheese 腐乳油麥 - (RM12)
6. Orbak Dark Soy Pork 黑肉 - (RM14)
7. Steamed Pork with salted fish 鹹魚篜豬肉 - (RM14)
8. Tukachor 豬腳醋 - (Small RM20/Medium RM35)
9. Ulala 原味拉拉 - (RM13)
10. Belachan Chicken 馬來煎雞 - (RM12)
11. Ahma Fried Chicken 阿嬤煎雞 - (RM12)
12. Sour Plum Chicken 酸梅雞 - (RM14)
13. Chicken with Sesame Oil 麻油雞 - (RM14)
14. Assam Prawns 阿三蝦 - (Small RM20/Medium RM40/Large RM50)
15. Sambal Prawns 三拜蝦 - (Small RM26/Medium RM40/Large RM50)
16. Clams with hot bean sauce 灘 - (RM13)
17. Signature Fish Fillet Claypot 魚肉豆腐 - (Small RM26/Medium RM35/Large RM50)
18. Assam Curry Fish - (RM60)
19. Super Curry Chicken 超級咖哩雞 - (RM20)
20. Chung Ling Sambal Egg 碎蛋 - (Small RM6/Large RM10)
21. Fish fillet with bean sauce 豆醬魚片 - (Small RM26/Medium RM35/Large RM50)

Call for reservation now!

1239-G, Jalan Paya Terubong, 
11060, Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang ‎
Tel: 04-826 5713 ‎

Till then! ;)
Happy Food hunting! 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Selera Kampung Ramadhan Buffet @ The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang

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The holy month of Ramadhan is around the corner, this year, The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang will be serving Ramadhan buffet dinner with the theme of "Selera Kampung" (hometown flavors). The Ramadhan buffet will be held at Roof Terrace at level 9 with poolside seating and seaview.

Selera Kampung Ramadhan Buffet

2nd - 23rd June 2017
7pm - 10pm
Adult - RM88 nett
Children - RM58 nett

Early Bird Promotion - Adult RM75 nett / Children RM45 nett
BUY 9 FREE 1 Promotion

Ticket can be bought at the designated Ramadhan Counter next to lobby on ground floor. Since it is located at the alfresco area next to the pool with the stunning seaview, the seating are quite limited which is around 80 pax. So be sure to make reservation in advance to avoid disappointment. For a group of 30 people or more, a private venue can be arranged as well in an exclusive setting.

As usual, breaking the fast with dates is a Ramadan tradition and the body can benefits from the date's high level of natural sugars. So, right at the entrance of the Roof Terrace, there are various type of kurma (dates) to buka puasa (break fast). The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang even make a date palm tree with all the dates poke on the banana tree trunk with toothpicks for decoration purpose. There are some other appetizers such as ulam-ulaman (raw vegetable) with all sort of sauces such as cincaluk, budu and sambals; Malay style of salads such as Kerabu Mangga, Acar Timun and so on!

The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang prepares the main courses in traditional Malay village style whereby the dishes are served in woks with charcoal burning below to keep it warm. Some of the tantalizing delicacies such as Daging Rendang, Sotong Goreng Kunyit, Ikan Masak Lemak and Ayam Percik. But same as any other Ramadhan buffet, all my attention is focus on the Kambing Golek! 

Besides the main dishes in woks, there are a few live stations in hawker stall concept where you can witness the preparation of the dishes you order, starting from the Asam Laksa, Kambing Golek, Roti Canai and Passembur/Rojak. Kambing Golek caught my attention the most as you can hardly find it elsewhere except during Ramadhan buffet. 

I took quite a lot of it as I think it is the best among all other dishes and probably one of the best in Penang. The roasted lamb may looked dry from the appearance but the juice was still being sealed inside. Honestly, I rated it highly until I went for the even better one in Ixora Hotel. (so now became 2nd best, or best in Penang Island, LOL!)

Satay (skewers) is available too with the typical condiments such as cucumber, red onion and even nasi impit to add extra flavor and texture. Roti canai and roti jala was being prepared on the spot too where you get to witness how they made it. Roti jala was quite impressive as I rarely see the making of it. But both of them taste heavenly together with the curry while they were still piping hot. 

Lastly, there were a big table full of desserts and fruits to end a scrumptious meal. The desserts here were more towards Western style, which I thought it would be better if they could prepare more traditional kuih-muih to match with their theme of Selera Kampung. 

Overall, the food are all above average. Since it would be a month long of Ramadhan, I think The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang should be in one of your to-go-list, especially given that the unique experience where you can break fasting together with friends and family while captivated by the ever-changing Penang coast's sunset as the backdrop.  

Book now to enjoy the early bird offer!

55, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 
Pulau Tikus, 10050 George Town, 
Pulau Pinang.

Call +60 4-370 1111 for reservation!

Till then! ;)
Happy food hunting!


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner @ Ixora Hotel Penang

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We were here again at Ixora Hotel Penang for the preview of their Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner since the holy month of Ramadan is around the corner. The buffet dinner will be held at The Straits Cafe inside Ixora Hotel Penang, 7pm to 10pm, starting from 1st to 21st of June 2017. The price is RM82 nett per adult and RM52 nett per child, while promotion of Buy 9 FREE 1 is on-going! You can even stand a chance to win lucky draw such as a motorbike as the grand prize, 40" TV, air purifier and many more!

Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner 

1st June - 21st June 2017
The Straits Cafe, Ixora Hotel Penang
7pm to 10pm
Adult: RM82 nett
Children: RM52 nett

Buy 9 FREE 1 Promotion at RM738 nett

We had a good experience during our last visit to Ixora Hotel Penang for their Saturday Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner, and as per our expectation, Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner didn't fail to impress us too. There are so many Ramadan buffet out there, if you ask me, this has to be the "Must-Try" buffet dinner, especially if you are big fan of Kambing Panggang Golek. To make the Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner more attractive, Ixora Hotel Penang even adds in lucky draw with prizes as expensive as a motorbike, 40" TV and air purifier.

We started off with the appetizers and soup. As usual, all the typical Malay appetizers can be found such as Ikan Masin Goreng Bawang Dengan Cili Kering, Petail, Pucuk Ubi Kayu and so on. I was not feeling too well that day, so I directly went for the soup and Sup Ekor Berjintan (Oxtail Soup) caught my attention the most. FYI, jintan means caraway, a type of spices (rempah), which is why some places would called it Sup Ekor Berempah. 

For the main courses, they were all equally good with some noteworthy ones such as Nasi Hujan Panas (Rainbow Rice), Ayam Masak Merah Madu, Beriani Udang and Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak Daun Kesom. One thing that I noticed is that the chef would add some red chili or green kacang botol to make the dishes more colorful, after all food presentation is equally important too! Ixora Hotel Penang also serves Shawarma Ayam (chicken) with pita bread which is one of the signature dishes!

For the outdoor live station, Ixora Hotel Penang serves Penang Mee Mamak, Penang Asam Laksa, Passembur, Ice Kacang and Cendol, and most importantly, Kambing Panggang Golek (whole roasted lamb). The Kambing Panggang Golek is the best that I have tasted after so many years of food review. The meat is tender and juicy, absolutely delightful to go with the mint sauce. You can tell how tasty it is when the whole lamb was left with only bones within 1 hour

After few rounds of heavy meal, we barely can take in any desserts. Since this is Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner, most of the desserts are Malay style and as many as 16 different types of kuih-muih. Personally, I like Kuih Ketayap and Kuih Bahulu. Kurma are available too in different coating such as black sesame, walnut, almond and so on. Since, I was sick, so I focus more on the fruits, such as kiwi and dragon fruit.  

Overall, I think Ixora Hotel Penang's Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner is worth the money. I am willing to pay RM82 and go across the Penang bridge just to savor on the succulent roasted lamb, appetizing oxtail soup and various main dishes. What are you waiting for? 

Book now and Buka Puasa with your friends/family!

3096 Jalan Baru, Bandar Perai Jaya, 
13600 Perai, Pulau Pinang.

Call: 04-3828888 (ext 1403)

Enjoy food hunting! ;)
Till then.
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